Botox® Cosmetic anti-aging treatment is a safe, injectable solution for wrinkles and lines. The product is made from a highly purified form of a natural protein complex, which has been used to treat various conditions associated with muscle spasms in infants, children, and adults for more than two decades. The cosmetic form of this product is a direct result of such medical uses.

About Dysport™

Dysport™ is a product that has been approved in the U.S., by the Food and Drug Administration. It has the same active ingredient as Botox®, but it is produced by a different manufacturer. It has been used for medical purposes in Europe since 1990. The units of Botox and the units of Dysport are different, and there are minor differences in the composition and “carrier proteins.” Studies so far, and the experience in Europe and Canada, have shown no differences in the frequency or type of side effects of the two products. There is some evidence that Dysport™ has an earlier onset of action — frequently within 2 days — and in some people, it may have a slightly longer duration of action than Botox®.

Botox or Dysport Treatment by Dr. Gerald Bock

Botox or Dysport Treatment by Dr. Gerald Bock
Dr. Gerald N. Bock, MD from California Skin & Laser Center in Lodi, CA says Botox or Dysport works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles and it also works well for treatment of hyperhydrosis or excess sweating. At California Skin & Laser Center , Dr. Gerald Bock and his team aims for all clients to enjoy exceptional results and to feel their needs and concerns have been addressed promptly.

What is Botox® or Dysport™ used for?

Both Botox® or Dysport™ are forms of botulinum toxin type A, which is extracted for safe use in humans to relax muscles and decrease movement.

How do Botox® and Dysport™ work?

Botox® or Dysport™ works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles.

How long does Botox® or Dysport™ last?

These products typically last for approximately three months at the beginning. With time, if people keep up with the treatment the muscle shrink down, and the products will last longer.

Can Hyperhidrosis also be treated with Botox® or Dysport™?

Botox® and Dysport™ work quiet well for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, or excess sweating.

There are certain devices that are now being used for hyperhidrosis, particularly for sweaty armpits, not so much on palms and to stop foot sweat. Botox® and Dysport® have been significantly used for hyperhidrosis.

At California Skin & Laser Center, we want you to enjoy exceptional results and to feel that your needs and concerns have been addressed promptly in a sensitive and caring fashion.


  • Treats wrinkles and lines in the upper portion of the face, excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), and certain headaches
  • May also be used to treat neck bands, “downward smile,” or other areas of the neck and lower face
  • Can be used to shape the eyebrows
  • One of the safest and most effective treatments for smoothing the lines and wrinkles caused by muscle movement
  • Treats some overly thick lower eyelids or enlarged muscles of the jaw
  • Over time, shallower lines will frequently repair themselves

Alternatives to Botox® and Dysport™