Radiofrequency devices have been used for a variety of medical purposes, but the use of radiofrequency for skin tightening began in 2002 with the introduction of Thermage, a device which we had but stopped using several years ago. Since then there have been multiple devices introduced with similar technology. The problem with Thermage and most of these devices have been: The results have been unpredictable – most patients get no or minimal results ,large numbers of treatments (6 plus) were frequently needed.

Studies have shown that heating the dermis to 40-45 degrees Celsius stimulates the skin repair mechanism with the production of new collagen. Temperatures in the 60 – 65 degree range cause collagen contraction, producing more noticeable results. When the energy has to be delivered through the skin surface, it is difficult to achieve effective deep temperatures without injuring the skin.

Infini uses small, 200 micron needles. The needle depth can be adjusted between 0.5mm and 3.5mm, which is much deeper than other needle devices. Several different levels of the dermis can be PREDICTABLY treated. Different skin thicknesses can all be treated at appropriate levels, so the entire face can be treated. The energy travels only short distances between the needles, producing a true fractional with reduced discomfort.

Other devices cool the skin, attempting to protect it, while pushing energy into the deeper tissues. Because the skin of individuals varies, with differences in thickness, fat deposition, age and density of the collagen and skin hydration, the energy can be placed at variable or uncertain depths, resulting in variable effects and the risks of side effects from the energy being delivered too superficially (burns), or too deep producing fat necrosis. And if the desired temperatures are not reached, collagen growth will not be stimulated.

Unlike other devices which heat an entire area, Infini uses fractional heating, leaving the surrounding tissues untreated, resulting in more rapid healing, less discomfort and significantly less risk. By protecting the skin with insulated needles, one can heat the deeper tissues to a higher temperature producing greater collagen formation and contraction. Also, the microneedling itself mechanically promotes new collagen formation.

Superficial fine lines and wrinkles: Face eyes, neck and chest

All scars, but especially acne scars. It’s especially valuable for darker skin types Loose skin on all parts of the body (abdomen, chest, arms and knees, plus other areas as well). Stretch Marks and increased armpit sweating have also been improved with this device.
People of all skin types are candidates, since hyperpigmentation is not a risk.
Usually 2 to 3 treatments achieve the best results.
There is approximately 2 days of a sunburn feeling and mild redness.
The length of the treatment depends on the size of the area treated. Generally a full face takes about 30-45 minutes.
Due to precise depth of microneedling combined with true fractional radiofrequency, we can place the energy more accurately and safely, producing better tightening results with less discomfort.
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INFINIskin – redefining beauty and helping true timeless beauty reign supreme.

Dr. Bock - What is INFINIskin?
It is no secret that your skin takes the worst beating when it comes to ageing. From changes in skin texture, to pigmentation marks on your body to fine lines and wrinkles that tend to overtly age your appearance much of these problems are usually the cause of the depletion of collagen in our bodies.

It is normal for our bodies to lose a considerable amount of collagen after a certain age which is explains the depletion of elasticity and that youthful appearance as times goes by – this is where the INFINIskin comes in with its revolutionary and ideal technology that generates boosting for the collagen production in your skin helping to reduce those visible signs of ageing.

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Rejuvenated skin with Infini’s microneedling technology

Dr. Bock - Kathie Lee Gifford Receives an INFINI Neck Treatment
Infini uses micro needles to administer heat to the depths of your skin, thereby stimulating the skin repair mechanism and encouraging the production of collagen. With this technology, there is only fractional heating, thereby ensuring less discomfort, reduced risk and faster healing. Hear a television host speak about her experience with this procedure!

Oh, it is bound to happen. Eventually you look in the mirror—the wrinkles, you have seen that in your face. They began to make your way down your neck. Yeah I know, it feels so awful but I didn’t want to go under the knife so I asked for some help from my good friend and dermatologist of many many years, Dr. Patricia Wexler. A few months ago, she told me about a non-invasive procedure called Infini. So, I thought, why not?

After my friend and dermatologist Dr. Wexler told me about the latest procedure to eliminate a sagging neck, I was ‘in’. Although it is not FDA approved for your neck yet, it has been approved for your face. And both I and Dr. Wexler agreed I was a good candidate. So I visited her Manhattan office to try Infini. So, what are you going to do to me this time?

Infini is microneedling with radiofrequency which means that each tip has 47 tiny very skinny needles but just the tip of the needle has radiofrequency and it would go deeper, medium and superficially, so that means at 3 levels you are going to get stimulation of collagen elastic tissue. And that’s why you are getting some dramatic and quick tightening and lifting of your neck.

The weirdest thing about it is that it feels like—It just feels like boom, boom. Well, I have been with you now for twenty three years.

You used to faint at the consultation, you have grown up quite a bit! (laughs) We’ll see.

Hand in hand we made our way into the operations room. Dr. Wexler’s husband, Dr. Eugene Wexler was in charge of the procedure that day. They prepped my neck and upper lip with some numbing gel and then it was showtime.

After a relatively painless half hour procedure, we were done. It feels tight. What? Yes, she was great and I went for three procedures. It takes more than one. It takes more than one. But we saw immediate results. My makeup artist Mary the next day said ‘what do you do?’ And I went well and she says ‘o my gosh’ and there’s the difference. I don’t know if you can tell but believe me. But that’s hard, it’s hard because you see it immediately and you can’t tell by the picture there because you had also had Botox immediately before. Hey nobody needed to know that. They did because that gets the muscle out of the way before you do the Botox. Can you stay a little longer after? If you had told me I would have brought it.

So, Dr. Wexler is this for anybody? Who can get this neck procedure? Anyone who has got laxity of the skin, sagging, scars, acne scars.