The Y Lift is a non-surgical minimally invasive procedure that produces many of the benefits of a facelift without any cutting and it results in immediate improvement with minimal to no downtime.

The procedure is truly a lunchtime procedure that involves injecting hyaluronic fillers in larger amounts than are usually used, and placing the filler deep along the bone. When people develop loose skin on their face and neck it is not because their skin has grown. It is because they have lost the deeper tissue and bone that provided support for the skin.. By replacing the deeper tissue we can reverse this loss and give most people dramatic and immediate improvement. However, if a person has very severe loss of the deep tissue, the defect may be too severe to correct with filler.

The injection of filler is relatively painless and the side effects are generally minor, a little bruising, redness or swelling, and frequently nonexistent.

The attached link shows before and after Y Lift patients and the article below is from the New York Times discussing the procedure. Despite what it says in the article, the procedure lasts from 1.5 to 3 years and people never completely revert to their previous appearance. When it’s time for a touch up less filler is required than was initially needed.

Article – Houston, We Have Face-Lift