Laser technology is one of the greatest advances in modern dermatology. It has provided a wealth of new treatment options for medical and cosmetic conditions, many of which are less invasive and more effective than previous techniques. In keeping with our commitment to providing the best care possible, our offices are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including a suite of advanced lasers.

The many laser-based skin treatments available at California Skin & Laser Center include:

  • Sciton BroadBand Light System – Used to treat discoloration, wrinkles, facial redness, rosacea, broken vessels, sun damage, brown spots, facial veins, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles and more
  • Sciton Microlaserpeel – Minimally invasive technique for improving skin quality and treating discoloration, lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and brown spots
  • Sciton Laser Resurfacing – Improves skin quality and reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles, grooves, lip lines, droopy eyelids, and facial redness
  • Sciton ThermaScan – Improves wrinkles, acne, and acne scarring
  • Sciton Profile Dual Nd:YAG Laser – Used for laser hair removal, facial vein removal, and leg vein removal
  • Sciton vascular laser – Treats facial redness, rosacea, broken vessels, blue vessels around the eyes, facial veins, and leg veins
  • Sciton 1319 laser – Used for fat removal and collagen generation
  • Fraxel re:store laser – Excellent treatment for improving skin quality, discoloration, wrinkles, sun damage, brown spots, and reducing the appearance of scars
  • MedLite C6 laser – Improves wrinkles, mild scars, excessive redness, deep discoloration, and dark circles under the eyes; stimulates collagen production; treats facial superficial hyperpigmentation due to hormones (melasma) or post inflammation. Also used for laser tattoo removal
  • KTP laser – Used for the removal of superficial brown spots and small blood vessels
  • QuadroStar Pro Yellow Laser – The QuadroStar Pro Yellow laser is the newest addition to our collection of lasers. We purchased it because it seems to be the most effective treatment for the difficult pigmentary problem known as melasma, or the mask of pregnancy. This laser is unique in that it treats both the pigment and the blood vessel components of this condition. We combine the laser treatments with sun protection and topical bleaching agents and most patients get significant or complete clearing with two or sometimes three treatments. The QuadroStar Pro Yellow laser is also an advance in the treatment of skin blood vessels. It’s wavelength is better absorbed by vessels than that of the older lasers, resulting in faster and more comfortable treatments.
  • Picocare450 – Remove unwanted pigment such as pigmentation from acne, melasma, sun damage and remove permanent make-up or tattoos.

When you choose California Skin & Laser Center, you can feel confident that you are benefiting from the latest and best technology, as well as the extensive knowledge and dermatological skills of Dr. Bock and his exceptional team. Our offices in Stockton and Lodi are convenient to communities throughout the Central Valley including Sacramento, Lodi, Tracy, Modesto, Manteca, Valley Springs, and Galt. Call us at 209-751-4292 and schedule your appointment today. We look forward to helping you discover your healthiest, most beautiful skin.