In today’s competitive job market, studies have shown that both men and women who appear younger and more vigorous are more likely to be offered employment and to receive higher salaries.

We understand that the anatomy of the male face is different from the female face and we are able to avoid feminizing the male while, at the same time mildly accentuating the masculine features without going too far and producing a Neanderthal appearance.

Approaches that are particularly helpful in men include the following:

Using fillers to subtly change the facial balance to produce a squarer more chiseled look to the lower face

Keeping the eyebrow masculine in appearance without having it appear too heavy

Improving acne scarring

Improving skin discolorations and growths, lines and wrinkles and facial redness and blood vessels

Tightening loose skin and bulging on the chin and jowls, as well as improving bags under the eyes and facial hollowness.

These are only some of the treatments we offer and the vast majority of them involve very little down time and very little discomfort

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