A Message from Dr. Bock

Thank you for visiting the California Skin & Laser Center online. This website is designed to be as informative and as objective as possible. I would like you to be well informed, and hopefully you’ll choose us to serve you on the basis of this information.

I have attempted to give an honest and accurate description of many of the treatment options we have available. Advances are coming very rapidly and it is almost impossible to keep everything on our site up to date. Furthermore, some problems are best solved by a combination of procedures. Other problems may not currently have a solution.

The best way to learn the most optimal approach to achieve what you desire is by seeing me in person, and allowing me to examine you and discuss your history, needs, and desires. I hope you enjoy the web site and I’d encourage you to make an appointment to see me to discuss your individual needs.

We live in an exciting time when there have been very significant advances in our ability to improve the appearance of our patients, frequently with minimal down time. We also live in a time when information travels rapidly, and when companies and practitioners sometimes promise or imply a lot more than they can deliver. We believe in being honest and straightforward with our patients, and we will tell you, to the best of our knowledge, exactly what the true risks and benefits of a procedure are.

If you choose us to provide cosmetic services, we hope to develop a long-term relationship, as we have with many other patients. That means that we will spend enough time to learn what you desire and what fits into your lifestyle and budget. We will realistically discuss the available options and the pros and cons of each procedure. We depend on the goodwill of our patients and our reputation in the community. We would rather not perform any procedure than perform one that is likely to result in an unhappy patient.

There is no procedure without risk, and we not only will explain the potential risks, but we take every step possible to reduce risk. That is why all of our procedures are performed under local anesthesia, the safest approach available.

We will do our very best to answer all your questions, and we try, when necessary, to be available 24 hours a day. We have a patient advocate, Vivian Geisbrecht, who is available anytime to help you over any problems or difficulties that might occur.

Thank you for considering California Skin & Laser Center. To schedule a consultation, please call us at 209-751-4292