Over time, sun exposure and the process of aging leave skin looking dull and tired. Fine lines and pigmentation spots develop. In the past, laser therapies available in the Stockton area did not treat these conditions efficiently. Halo laser treatment is a fresh approach to a refreshed complexion.

The Halo difference

Some laser therapies treat only the topmost layer of skin. Others penetrate deep skin layers, resulting in a substantial healing period. Sun and age damage typically reside in mid-layers. Halo is designed to specifically target the correct depth to safely eliminate damaged tissues and restore a healthy, young-looking glow.

Halo treatment:

  • Is ideal for brown skin spot removal.
  • Improves overall skin tone.
  • Refines texture.
  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduces pore size for increased luminosity.
  • Improves scarring.

Skin transformation that’s right for your life

Halo is a customizable skin rejuvenation option. Together, you and the trained, experienced clinician at California Skin & Laser Center determine the best treatment plan to meet your goals and fit your lifestyle.

With a Halo facial, you can wear makeup and go out in public the next day. A series of light sessions gradually corrects complexion problems. A more intense treatment restores skin with only a few days of downtime. Hybrid treatment combines the benefits of Halo with other skin rejuvenation techniques.

A Halo session typically takes about an hour. It is well-tolerated. Most patients report a sensation of warmth, with occasional prickles. Motion tracking technology ensures even delivery of energy to each treated area, as the device is rolled over skin. Expect skin to bronze and peel after a few days. Then renewed skin emerges, and improvement continues for several months.

Schedule a consultation to talk with Dr. Bock or a RN about Halo laser treatment. In Stockton the number is 209-751-4292, or call209-900-1343 in Elk Grove and 209-330-0764 in Lodi.