The word is new and the concept is revolutionary, but it evolved from two very familiar ideas. Prevention is action taken to stop something from happening. Rejuvenation describes steps that reverse signs of aging. Dr. Gerald Bock expertly combines those philosophies into a new vision for aesthetic dermatology called prejuvenation. He and his team at California Skin & Laser Center aren’t just helping patients throughout the Stockton area turn back the hands of time; they are actually slowing or stopping the clock with prejuvenation!

Understanding prejuvenation

Historically cosmetic procedures focused on making an aging face and body appear younger – rejuvenation. Dr. Bock applies advanced training and techniques to prevent signs of aging from occurring. You might think of prejuvenation in terms of your favorite formal wear. It’s easier and more effective to keep that delicate fabric clean and smooth, than to try to remove spots and wrinkles after they’ve had a chance to set in.

Important components of prejuvenation

Dr. Bock recommends a multi-phase approach to prejuvenation. Based on a thorough analysis of your age, lifestyle, skin condition, body type, medical situation, and aesthetic goals he designs a customized program that may include:

  • Skin care. A daily regimen with the right products for your skin type and environment helps to keep the complexion firm and supple, hydrated and blemish-free. Regular professional facial treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion maintain refined, youthful skin.
  • Sun prevention. Protection from UV exposure is vital to prejuvenation. Daily use of broad spectrum sunscreen beginning at childhood prevents the formation of many lines and wrinkles and pigmentation spots. It also reduces risk of all types of skin cancers.
  • Neuromodulators. Botox and Dysport are popular tools to soften the appearance of established wrinkles in those over the age of 40. However, beginning regular use much earlier – in your 20s and 30s – can preclude those repetitive muscle contracture lines from ever becoming etched into skin.
  • Soft tissue fillers. Replacing facial volume as it is lost avoids hollows and bags under the eyes. It also keeps jowls and loose neck skin at bay much longer.
  • Fat reduction. Non-invasive CoolSculpting and surgical liposuction (if warranted) help you attain and maintain attractive body contours from early adulthood. That avoids many of the aesthetic problems associated with fast reduction later in life

Why trust Dr. Bock

His medical and cosmetic credentials are well documented. Perhaps the most important reason to trust Dr. Bock with your plan of prejuvenation is his progressive thinking, backed by experience and skill. He understands that patients don’t want to see their faces and bodies altered by time. He is here to help with compassion and artistry.