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Effective removal of brown spots in Stockton, CA requires tailored treatment

Removal of Brown Spots at California Skin & Laser Center in Stockton Area

Doctors may call some of the dark spots on your face, hands, arms, legs, and other sun-exposed areas “solar lentigines.” Family members or friends may call them “liver spots” (they have nothing to do with the liver) or “age spots” (they arise among younger and older people alike). You know them as the dark splotches or freckles that never went away, and you want them gone. Fortunately, effective and safe removal of brown spots in the Stockton, CA area is conveniently located at California Skin and Laser Center. Led by Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Gerald Bock, our team has the advanced … Continue reading

The Soaring Popularity of Laser Hair Removal in Stockton, CA and Why Patients Are Choosing Sciton Erbium YAG Treatment

Laser Hair Reduction in Stockton Area

Each day, more people across the globe are selecting procedures geared toward the improvement of their outward physical appearance. Fields including dentistry, dermatology, and plastic surgery are all reaping the benefits of the increased numbers of cosmetic procedures being performed, which are allowing patients to look and feel better than ever before. Those seeking laser treatment for the removal of excess (or even a normal amount) of hair are looking to Dr. Gerald Bock and his team at California Skin & Laser Treatment center in Stockton, CA. Dr. Bock utilizes the safe and effective Sciton Laser to remove hair that … Continue reading

Use J-Plasma skin tightening at Stockton, CA area practice for a more polished look

J-plasma for Skin Tightening at Stockton, Ca Area

Our skin and face change dramatically as we age, and men and women who want to combat these changes are encouraged to speak to a doctor about their options. While some believe that plastic surgery is the only way to obtain the youthful look they desire, there are many other solutions available on the market today. Dr. Gerald Bock of Stockton, CA and the surrounding communities is pleased to provide an option for skin tightening called J-Plasma. What is J-Plasma skin tightening? The J-Plasma skin tightening treatment is a revolutionary new technology that has made it possible to tighten from … Continue reading

How to get rid of acne scarring in Elk Grove, CA

How to Get Rid of Acne in Elk Grove area

Acne can be debilitating for a person’s self-confidence, and one of the biggest problems that acne sufferers face is the scarring it can cause, leaving pockmarks, raised areas, or other visual remnants of breakouts long after they have subsided. There are multiple types of acne scars that can form, and all of them can be difficult to hide. At the California Skin and Laser Center in Elk Grove, CA, Dr. Gerald Bock and the team of dermatology professionals are here to help. With a wide range of treatment options for acne scarring, you can start feeling confident in your skin … Continue reading

Eliminate unwanted hair with laser hair removal in Stockton, CA

Unwanted Hair Removal With Laser in Stockton CA area

Unwanted hair: everyone has it in at least one place on their body, and over-the-counter options for dealing with it leave a lot to be desired. Nicks, cuts, razor burn, redness, pain, and other after-effects are all too common with razors, waxing, and other common hair removal methods. However, advances in laser technologies in recent years make eliminating unwanted hair with lasers more effective and comfortable than ever before. Dr. Gerald Bock, dermatologist in Stockton, CA, offers safe and effective laser hair removal using the revolutionary Sciton Profile Laser. How laser hair removal works All laser therapies, no matter what … Continue reading

10 important facts you might not know about laser tattoo removal in Stockton, CA

A tattoo might represent your commitment to a relationship, your lifestyle, a favorite rock band, an important philosophy, or a million other things. In any case, it makes a statement – an unchanging, permanent statement. Yet, we change, and so do our lives. Maybe that statement doesn’t apply anymore, or you no longer wish to display it. That is when it’s time to visit Dr. Bock in Stockton, Lodi, or Elk Grove. Laser tattoo removal is a safe and effective treatment. Like any procedure, it is important to understand the facts, risks, and benefits before beginning. During your consultation we … Continue reading

Dermatologist in Stockton explains why CoolSculpting is great for fat reduction

Why CoolSculpting is Great for Fat Reduction in Stockton area

We all have them – stubborn pockets of fat that don’t seem to budge no matter how healthfully we eat or how many hours we spend in the gym. Historically, patients who wanted a way to eliminate these areas of fat had to resort to costly and invasive surgeries with extended downtime and recovery periods, but fortunately, thanks to modern advances in technology, surgery is no longer necessary to achieve stunning results! Below, Dr. Gerald Bock, a board-certified dermatologist who serves patients in Stockton, Elk Grove, and Lodi, explains why CoolSculpting, a revolutionary fat loss treatment, is great for fat … Continue reading

Patients in Elk Grove ask, “How does laser skin resurfacing for skin rejuvenation work?”

How Does Skin Rejuvenation Work in Elk grove area

Over time, our skin is exposed to environmental toxins, our lifestyle choices, and the aging process. These factors put stress on the skin causing the development of lines, wrinkles, scars, or generally unhealthy skin. Rejuvenating treatments help patients regain their youthful, glowing skin. Many patients have asked, “How does skin rejuvenation work?” With offices in Stockton, Lodi, and Elk Grove, Dr. Gerald Bock offers answers and a range of treatments including laser resurfacing, skin tightening, microdermabrasions, Botox, and dermal fillers to help patients look their best. Our skin is our largest and most visible organ. We must protect and properly … Continue reading

What to expect: Chemical peel treatment preparation, process, and results in Elk Grove

Pretty, charming, attractive woman touching, enjoying her perfect face skin, holding fingers on cheek

Chemical peeling is a tried and true method of improving skin, which has been used for generations. The milk bath, which was a popular historical beauty treatment, was actually a primitive form of a mild lactic acid peel. Modern technology has revolutionized cosmetic dermatology, with a plethora of devices and procedures now available. Yet, chemical peel treatment remains an essential component of aesthetic medicine, with a highly customizable process and reliable results. We offer several chemical peel options at our practices in Elk Grove and Stockton. Peeling away the years During a chemical peel procedure, the clinician applies a therapeutic … Continue reading

Achieve brighter, smoother skin with BBL treatments for sun damage in Elk Grove, CA

Asian office women skin damage from sun

Exposure to the sun can damage the skin, cause discolorations, and even age the skin. Sun damage may appear here or there as small freckles. Over time, the damage worsens. Darker spots or poor skin tone and texture may develop. With offices in Stockton, Lodi, and Elk Grove, Dr. Gerald Bock helps patients maintain youthful, healthy skin through treatments for sun damage. Preventing sun damage Being proactive in protecting your skin is crucial. We understand that the warmth of the sun feels good, especially on a beautiful day. A broad-spectrum sunscreen should be worn daily regardless of the weather. Constant … Continue reading


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