We now understand that, to produce a more youthful appearance, not only do we have to restore volume, but we also need to use the material that most closely mimics the tissue that was lost. Fillers do a good job of replacing lost fat and connective tissue, and we are getting closer to being able to replace the loss of bone. As the face ages, the bony openings for the eyes and nose enlarge, while the jawbone shrinks. Older people have eye bags and longer upper lips, while they lose their jawlines. They have a loss of the tissue in the temples and in front of the ear, resulting in sagging of the skin. If we start to correct these losses relatively early in adulthood, we can greatly slow down the deeper signs of aging.

If you look at the facial outlines in the photo of the eighteen year old, you can see that the lateral edges of the face and bony structures form smooth arcs on each side of the face.

However, when you look at the before photos of the more mature women, you can see that the smooth outlines have been lost. Because there has been tissue loss in the temples, there are now indentations there. Since there has not been much change in the cheekbones, the cheeks now seem excessively prominent. However, additional loss of tissue below the cheekbones now produces another area of indentation. This loss of the smooth contour tells us that these individuals have lost some of their youthful appeal, which our minds associate with fertility.

The after photos show that with the skillful use of fillers, we can recreate that youthful appearance. These photos illustrate the changes seen when looking at the full face, but similar changes, also repairable, are also seen when looking at the face from the sides.

Today, we have the ability to correct many of these issues using subdermal fillers. With precision application of these products for rejuvenation of skin support, in combination with adjunct treatments as needed, we are now able to help you achieve a youthful appearance that reflects youthful energy that you feel. Although each person has different and unique needs, a combination of techniques most often yields better results than one-dimensional treatment does.

Many brands and types of dermal fillers are available, with hyaluronic acid based products (Juvéderm and Restylane) being the most popular. Radiesse, a long-lasting formula, may be used to accomplish many of the same goals. Sculptra is an excellent product lasting about two years while providing a very natural appearance and enhancing the skin’s appearance in many patients.

At CSLC, we offer Lip Enhancement, Lower Face Restoration, Brow Lifts, and Cheek and Upper Face Lifts, using dermal fillers. These may sometimes be done in combination. Usually, results of dermal filler treatments last between nine months and two years. Annual touch-ups are usually recommended to maintain a youthful appearance.