At the California Skin and Laser Center, patients in the communities of Stockton, Lodi, and Elk Grove, California have the ability to look and feel their best with a variety of aesthetic treatment options. One of these solutions is best for patients who are interested in enhancing their jaw line and neck area in a non-invasive manner. This treatment is known as the Super Nefertiti Lift.

The Super Nefertiti Lift explained

The Super Nefertiti Lift is a new non-surgical technique to enhance the jaw line and neck making the skin appear tighter and firmer while reducing the bands on the neck that occur with muscle movement. The treatment takes about 10 minutes and results start to become apparent in a few days. This procedure has been very successful, and our patients are excited with the results! We have before and after photos on our web site to browse to see how dramatic the results can be. All of this can be done without surgical intervention, eliminating scarring and the risk of infection that often comes along with plastic surgery.

What are the benefits of the Super Nefertiti Lift?

Dr. Gerald Bock of the California Skin and Laser Center consults with patients who are interested in this procedure to determine if they are appropriate candidates. He also takes this time to discuss with patients the advantages of this treatment. The Super Nefertiti Lift has many benefits. It is:

  • Non-invasive. This procedure is performed with cosmetic injections and without the scalpel. Patients who are not interested in plastic surgery may benefit from this treatment.
  • Affordable. Our practice works with patients to ensure they have access to the treatments they desire! Our front office team can address concerns by developing financing plans with affordable monthly payments.
  • Safe and effective. This treatment has been shown to not only be safe but also effective in providing a more defined jaw line.

Learn more about the benefits of this and other treatments available!

Call the California Skin and Laser Center today to speak with Dr. Gerald Bock and his staff about the Super Nefertiti Lift. Request an appointment by connecting with any one of our three locations in the areas of Stockton, Lodi, and Elk Grove.