Voluma XC is the newest addition to Juvéderm’s line of hyaluronic acid fillers. It has been available in a number of countries for several years, and it recently gained FDA approval for use in the United States. Voluma is formulated for use in the deep facial tissues, to replace volume loss associated with aging. Other hyaluronic acid fillers, and different types of fillers such as Sculptra and Radiesse, have been used in this way for many years. However, Voluma is the only filler in the US that has received specific FDA approval for instantly adding volume to the cheek area.

Like other hyaluronic acid fillers, Voluma XC has the benefit of being reversible. There is an enzyme, hyaluronidase, which can dissolve the product, therefore reversing most unwanted effects. Another advantage of Voluma is its longevity. According to the manufacturer, Allergan, the results can last as long as two years. However, most patients in other countries have found its effects to last between twelve and eighteen months.

Safety and side effects

Voluma is a smooth gel formulated with minimally modified hyaluronic acid. Because hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin, it is biocompatible and very safe. Virtually anyone is a potential candidate for Voluma treatment. The procedure is performed with the same precautions that should be observed for any filler injection.

Potential injection related reactions include discoloration, itching, tenderness, pain, swelling, or transient redness at the treatment site. These issues typically resolve themselves spontaneously, from one to five days after the treatment.

Recovery time

There is usually no downtime associate with hyaluronic acid filler injections. Bruising may occur in some people, but we have techniques to minimize the risk. If it does occur, it usually fades within a week or less. We also have treatments to help bruising disappear much more quickly, so you should call us if it occurs.

Replacing lost facial volume is the newest and most subtle use of filler. It can make you look significantly better and younger, without people realizing that you have had anything done. Schedule a consultation at California Skin & Laser Center to experience a filler that has favorably impressed physicians and patients around the world.