ThermiRF (ThermiTight) delivers tighter, firmer skin without surgery

Skin elasticity is a phrase that most people don’t think about at all – until they’ve started to lose it. It happens as individuals age thanks to environmental factors and simply to the passing years. Before we become too frustrated with our skin, it’s important to remember that it has a tough job and has to stand up to factors such as the sun, pollution, changes in weight, and the aging process. While it’s protecting us, the collagen and elastin below the skin is breaking down, and over time, our skin loses firmness.

However, there’s no need to accept the loss of elasticity and the wrinkles, sagginess, and bumps that come with it. Nor do you have to undergo invasive and painful surgery to lift your face. Now, Dr. Gerald Bock of California Skin and Laser Center in Stockton, CA, offers a new solution to his patients who want to firm their skin and turn back the clock.


ThermiRF is a new technology that uses radio frequency to stimulate the collagen and firm skin on the face, neck, and body. Under local anesthesia the patient will remain comfortable and relaxed throughout the one hour session. The procedure utilizes a very small probe that is inserted through a small incision in the skin. The probe delivers energy that heats up the lowest layers of the skin, causing some fat cells to be absorbed and new collagen to be produced, while the skin begins to tighten. Even after the procedure the skin cells continue tighten for several months. While some patients notice an immediate change, for most patients the full results take up to six months to be realized.

Following the ThermiRF procedure, patients can return to their daily lives with little to no downtime. Most patients only need a single treatment and the results can last for several years. Nearly 100% of patients who undergo the procedure are pleased with the results and are happy they had it performed. You can refer to get a better understanding about this procedure.

Goodbye to Jowls with Thermi RF

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Age can take a toll on skin elasticity. Before you become frustrated about it, you can reach out to Dr. Gerald Bock of California Skin and Laser Center to turn the clock back on these ageing effects without having to undergo painful and invasive surgery to lift your face. Listen to Mary talk about her experience with the ThermiRF treatment and how it has helped her get rid of her concerns about sagging jowls and a bit of a double chin.

Hi! I am Mary! I am 51. And I am going to be having the Thermi RF treatment at Dr. Bock’s suggestion., I complain to him often about this jowling area and a little bit of a double chin and he says that he can fix that. So, I look forward to seeing what it can do.

What we would be talking about ordinarily would be a face-lift or liposuction. But what we are going to do is something different. We are going to do Thermi RF or the W Thermi Lift which is insertion of a small radiofrequency device which is actually a needle that’s attached to a probe that sends a signal with a temperature that will actually generate within the tissue that can heat it up and cause the fat to dissolve and the skin to tighten.

We don’t repeat this procedure; we will do it once. This is a little bit like laser liposuction but I think better because it more effectively tightens skin.

Checking in on day 4 after my Thermi RF procedure. I am still a little bit swollen and nothing that is ridiculous but I am back at work. I do have some good bruising which is pretty much normal for me. I can obviously cover it up with a scarf so that’s what I have been choosing to do. Just to keep moving on with my life. No pain meds. We didn’t have to worry about that. I really just used Tylenol for the first day or so and I look forward to seeing Dr. Bock in the office next week to get an update and to see what he thinks about my progress.

Hi there! I am now five weeks out. It is nice enough to be outside here in Pennsylvania. I saw Dr. Bock on Friday. He was very pleased with my results so far. This side looks fabulous. I don’t have any jowling left. Swelling is going down. The left has been a little bit slower to respond but we are getting there on that as well. I feel good. He says I look great. And we look forward to more response because I guess this will continue for few months. So we will share the pictures when he says it is time.

While the procedure can be performed on many areas of the body, ThermiRF is an excellent treatment for patients who want to tighten the neck and jowl area. This is an area of the body that people see every day, but one that other treatments are simply not effective. Tightening the skin along the jawline and neck can make patients appear younger and feel more confident. Patients who wish to improve the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes or tighten and lift the eyebrows can opt for ThermiSmooth, a similar treatment that tightens skin by delivering outside heat.

ThermiTight procedure is performed by Dr. Bock himself whereas ThermiSmooth is performed by our most experienced RNs. Refer the above B&A images to see how these procedures really work. For more information about ThermiRF and if it will help you achieve the results you want, call the California Skin and Laser Center today.