Scars, particularly on the face can be disfiguring and can be very disturbing to the scarred individual, sometimes causing them to shun social contact. Of course, scar prevention is preferable to scar treatment. As the treatment of scars has evolved, dermatologists have been in the forefront of both scar prevention and scar treatment.

The history of scar treatment begins with the use of dermabrasion to treat both elevated and depressed scars. The early Egyptian physicians used sandpapering to treat scars, and this was the precursor of modern dermabrasion. In the early 1950s, a dermatologist at Mount Sinai hospital in New York, Abner Kurtin, popularized dermabrasion using dental equipment that had been modified with rasps, wire brushes and rotating diamond coated wheels. It’s important to understand that this procedure is very different from the microdermabrasion that many people are familiar with. The wound is much deeper and there is a significant recovery time.

At about the same time as dermabrasion was developed, the use of cortisone injections to flatten elevated scars, or keloids, was also developed. Both dermabrasion and cortisone injections were significant advances in scar treatment, and are still in use today.

Because dermabrasion is technically somewhat difficult and it can itself produce scarring and permanent skin lightening, it has mostly been replaced by laser scar treatment. Lasers are not foolproof or completely risk free, but they have a better safety profile for the treatment of scars, particularly large scarred areas such as acnescars. Some of the newer lasers such as the Fraxel Restore have almost no risk of producing scarring or prolonged loss of pigment.

With the increased survival of soldiers in the wars in the Middle East, there has been work by military dermatologists and surgeons, as well as very creative work by Dr. Jill Waibel, a dermatologist in private practice, that has revolutionized the treatment of scars and keloids.

At California skin and Laser Center, we have several lasers that are effective for scar improvement. The Aesclepion fractionated erbium YAG and the Fraxel Restore is our favorites for this, because of their very favorable safety profiles. The Aesclepion laser creates multiple small holes in the skin, which not only cause the scar to remodel but allow helpful agents to be absorbed when applied topically after the treatment.

In addition to the techniques already mentioned, we also use filler, subcision, microneedling and surgery to correct some scars. At California Skin & Laser Center, we have the greatest variety of scar treatments in the Central Valley and we are the equal of any facility in the country.

If you are concerned about your scars, we would be pleased to evaluate you and give you our honest assessment of what is reasonable to achieve, along with a discussion of the risks and benefits.

Why should you select California Skin & Laser Center as your chosen provider for scar removal treatment?

We have two ultramodern, technologically advanced offices, with convenient locations in Stockton and in Lodi, CA, we are proud to serve people throughout the Central Valley, and across the state. Many patients travel from Valley Springs, Modesto, Manteca, Galt, Tracy, Sacramento, and the San Francisco Bay Area to enjoy Dr. Bock’s expertise. The doctor and our friendly, talented team of professionals are committed to providing every patient with a comfortable experience, and superb results.

We are here to help you achieve your medical and cosmetic goals, so that you can love your skin and body. Scar removal is just one of array of options offered in our facilities, and we are always glad to help you select the best treatments to address your individual concerns.


Board certified dermatologist in Stockton, CA answers questions about microneedling

Throughout history women and men have sought a fountain of youth for radiant skin and results that last. Under Dr. Gerald Bock’s oversight, California Skin & Laser Center is changing the complexion of Stockton, CA, one face at a time! He shares this information to help you understand an innovative technique called microneedling.

Basics of microneedling

Microneedling is based on the scientific concept of collagen induction therapy. Collagen is a meshwork of strong protein fibers that gives your skin firmness and resilience. When skin is injured your body increases production of collagen in that area to close the wound. You get a surface scar that is firmer and thicker than surrounding skin.

A trained Registered Nurse uses microneedling to allow your body’s natural healing processes to refine your complexion. The RN guides a small handheld roller device over the skin. The unit has many fine sterile needles spaced close together. They make tiny holes at a carefully controlled depth into the dermis (lower layer of skin). The surface or epidermis heals very quickly.

The procedure is well tolerated by most patients, and the California Skin & Laser Center team takes extra steps to ensure your comfort during the rather brief treatment session. Duration and number of treatments required for optimal results is very individualized, but the effects of microneedling are dramatic. It induces a surge of collagen production in the dermis. As collagen builds, skin thickens and become smooth and taut.

Dr. Bock primarily uses microneedling to improve the appearance of acne scarring. A recent study by Dr. Murad Alam showed a 40 percent improvement in acne scarring after three bi-weekly microneedling treatment sessions. Change develops gradually, with maximum improvement reached in about six months.

Microneedling is not as effective for acne scars as laser therapy, but it is a more economical way for patients to start seeing results. Microneedling may also be used for improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, pore size, and to increase absorption of topical skin care products.

Why choose California Skin & Laser Center for Microneedling?

Microneedling is gaining attention in the media. That means that treatment is becoming available at spas and with do-it-yourself kits. However, quality of equipment and expertise in administration are critical to obtaining safe, effective results. Vivian and Jessica, the highly trained RNs at California Skin & Laser Center, have an in-depth understanding of medical skin care. They administer microneedling in a sterile, clinical treatment room to ensure the best possible results.

Call California Skin & Laser Center today at 209-751-4292 to schedule a microneedling consultation.