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Jul 21

Each day, more people across the globe are selecting procedures geared toward the improvement of their outward physical appearance. Fields including dentistry, dermatology, and plastic surgery are all reaping the benefits of the increased numbers of cosmetic procedures being performed, which are allowing patients to look and feel better than ever before. Those seeking laser […]

Dec 09

Unwanted hair: everyone has it in at least one place on their body, and over-the-counter options for dealing with it leave a lot to be desired. Nicks, cuts, razor burn, redness, pain, and other after-effects are all too common with razors, waxing, and other common hair removal methods. However, advances in laser technologies in recent […]

Nov 27

Dr. Gerald Bock and the team at Stockton’s California Skin and Laser Center are proud to offer patients a wide range of cosmetic services to help them look and feel their best. This includes treatments such as laser hair removal. Laser hair removal treatment is a more advanced method of permanently treating hair. It is common […]

Nov 27

Unwanted hair on the face and body can take a lot of time and money to groom to keep under control. This is a common complaint from both men and women. When they visit a dermatologist in the Stockton area to learn about ways to eliminate this hair, they are typically introduced to a procedure […]

Nov 27

Lasers are among the wonders of the dermatological world. They can be used to plump up skin and smooth out wrinkles. Energy from these beams of light can remove freckles and age spots. Regretting that tattoo? We have a laser for that. Do you only see those blue veins when you look at your legs? […]

Nov 27

Shaving is the most reviled “beauty chore,” according to a 2013 survey conducted by UK-based beauty retailer The survey went on to report the average respondent spends 21 hours each year on this despised task. These days add up to more than two months of shaving over a lifetime. Time is money. California Skin & […]

Nov 27

Almost 96,000 laser tattoo removal procedures were performed in 2013, according to the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery. The year before, the ASDS reported 63,000 such procedures were completed. Generally, there is great demand for tattoo removal. Harris Interactive in a 2012 poll found 14 percent of those with tattoos regretted having them. As it relates […]

Nov 27

Laser hair removal is a popular option for patients who are in the Stockton area and are dealing with unwanted hair on the body. Both men and women who are interested in hair removal are welcome to visit the practice of California Skin and Laser Center to speak with Dr. Gerald Bock about the methods […]

Dr. Gerald Bock - California Skin & Laser Center

Dr. Gerald Bock - California Skin & Laser Center
Dr. Gerald Bock is a board-certified general, cosmetic, and surgical dermatologist serving patients in the following California, United States communities: Lodi, CA; Stockton, CA; and Elk Grove, CA. He is a fellow with the American Academy of Dermatology and is a pioneer of cosmetic surgery in the Central Valley. Dr. Bock’s goal is to provide services that enhance an individual’s beauty without making them look like they have had anything done. He is committed to helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals with innovative treatments that deliver ageless results.

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