Women and men in the Stockton area are discovering the croton oil peel for wrinkle reduction and brown spot removal. This natural formulation is derived from a type of evergreen shrub with powerful medicinal properties.

About chemical peels

A chemical peel exfoliates skin without abrasion. Mild peels brighten dull, tired complexions. Medium peels penetrate a bit deeper, addressing early signs of UV damage and aging.

The croton oil peel is a more aggressive option, appropriate for damage from sun exposure, smoking, and aging. Treatment improves the deep structure of skin, erasing brown spots and softening wrinkles. It is especially effective for lax, wrinkled skin around the eyes as well as lines around the mouth & lips. A croton oil peel produces dramatic textural changes, for skin that is thicker, smoother, evenly-toned, and glowing with good health.

Preparation, procedure, and recuperation

This deep peel provides impressive results, but treatment requires some patient commitment:

  • Sun avoidance for several weeks before the peel.
  • A daily skin care regimen for about six weeks, to prepare skin and minimize post-procedure redness.
  • Oral sedation helps you relax for treatment. Face and neck are numbed with local anesthesia. The peel process takes about an hour.
  • Residual discomfort is managed with medications.
  • Expect prominent swelling for the first 24 hours, improving to mild by about day three. Scabbing and crusting occur and usually resolve within a week to ten days. Residual redness gradually fades
  • Skin must be washed several times daily, and ointment applied to maintain moisture.
  • Makeup may be worn after the first week, providing skin has fully healed. Most patients return to normal activities in two weeks.

Is it worth the commitment? Yes, if you want a naturally younger appearance, with radiant healthy skin and results that last years! Learn more about the croton oil peel with us at California Skin & Laser Center in Stockton, Elk Grove or Lodi. Call 209-751-4292