Your complexion is the expression of your personal image, and it should ideally be flawless. Few people are blessed with naturally flawless skin; however, advanced dermatological and cosmetic surgical treatments can remedy that situation. The correction of skin problems begins with accurate identification and analysis of the issues.

At your skin care consultation, one of our registered nurses or our highly trained Skin Care Consultant will give you an evaluation of your skin, including both surface and subsurface conditions, plus information about pore size, spots, wrinkles, evenness, porphyrins (bacterial waste products), UV spots, and photodamage. We will tell you how you compare in these parameters to people of your age and skin type. Our consultant will then discuss the results with you and explain what can be done to reverse the damage and slow or reverse some of the aging changes.

Every person is different, with unique skin. In our office, treatment is always tailored to each patient’s individual skin characteristics and goals. Obtaining a comprehensive complexion profile is vital for optimal medical and esthetic treatment, as well as helping you better understand your own skin.

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