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PicoCare 450 treatment in Elk Grove for pigmentation removal and skin improvement

Picocare 450 Treatment from dermatologist in Elk Grove

Dermatology is changing at the speed of light – literally in the case of laser therapies. Dr. Gerald Bock and his team at California Skin & Laser Center are passionate about bringing the latest advances in laser, light, and energy-based treatments to patients in the Elk Grove, Stockton, and Lodi communities. PicoCare 450 treatment¬†is a great example. About PicoCare 450 This laser is cleared by the FDA for pigmentation removal and improvement in skin texture. With four wavelengths, more colors can be targeted. Highest power makes this dermatological laser ideal for shattering pigments into microscopic particles that are easily eliminated … Continue reading

Dermatologist near Stockton

Botox Injections from dermatologist near Stockton CA

You may work diligently to stay in shape, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly but find certain areas of your body still storing fat and not responding to your efforts to reshape them. How women are shaped can often be attributed to two main factors: age and heredity. Women under 40 years of age will often store fat in their thighs, buttocks, and hips. When losing weight, they may experience a reduction in their breasts and waists first, then their lower bodies. After the age of 40, as hormone levels decrease, many women have a more difficult time reducing … Continue reading

Dermatologist serving in Stockton 95207

Dr Gerald N. Bock, MD California Skin & Laser Center Face treatment

Due to the tremendous advances in medicine and science over the years, a myriad of options exist for patients who desire a more attractive, youthful, or rejuvenated appearance. The challenge is sorting through the products, treatments, and procedures available to know what may be the best solution for your unique needs. For the safest and most effective treatments to achieve your goals, you may consider several factors: What is the experience and training of the practitioner? Is a wide variety of services available? How do I know which products are right for me? At California Skin and Laser Center, Gerald … Continue reading


Dr Gerald N. Bock, MD California Skin & Laser Center Injection treatments

When you are choosing a dermatologist, whether for cosmetic enhancements or medical treatment and care, you deserve access to the latest advancements in technology, products, and services. At California Skin and Laser Center, we offer safe and effective treatments for complete dermatologic care. Gerald Bock, MD, is the medical director at California Skin and Laser Center, in Stockton, CA. With nearly 20 years of experience, Dr. Bock is a pioneer in the clinical field of dermatology and remains at the forefront of the industry through leadership in national organizations and continuing training and education. A respected and recognized educator, speaker, … Continue reading


Dr Gerald N. Bock, MD California Skin & Laser Center Discussion with a doctor

When you look in the mirror, are you faced with the realization that your once youthful face is now showing the signs of aging with fine lines and wrinkles?¬†Dermal Fillers are an effective way to restore youth to the face. They restore volume to treated areas of the skin, decreasing the appearance of lines and folds. If you want to turn back the hands of time, Dr. Bock is a skilled dermatologist who has been administering dermal fillers for facial rejuvenation to the patients of Stockton, CA for many years. When most patients hear the term, “cosmetic injectables” they think … Continue reading


Just had stitches removed so I wasn't there very long. Just keep doing what you're doing guys! A friendly environment for your clients indeed!
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