Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in Elk Grove

Cosmetic Surgery Elk Grove

Innovations in cosmetic surgery have led to the development of minimally invasive techniques with less downtime and negligible risk. For cosmetic surgery in Elk Grove, patients should choose an experienced treatment provider.

Y Lift

Y Lift is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that delivers various benefits of a facelift without any incisions, and provides instant facial enhancement with little to no downtime. The procedure involves injecting hyaluronic acid based fillers in larger amounts than usual. The filler gel is placed into deeper tissue along with the bone. This leads to re-volumizing of the facial tissue, creating a substantial and immediate facial rejuvenation.


J-Plasty is a minimally invasive surgery involving the use of cold plasma energy. This energy is focused on the skin to lift, reenergize, and tighten the lower face, neck, trunk area, and arms. It involves no incisions or complications involved in facelift and gives natural results without taking much time. J-Plasty is ideal for an adult patient with loose skin, who wants to see the results without much downtime, incisions, and complications that are typically associated with an invasive surgery.

Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent Liposuction is an extremely safe cosmetic fat reduction process. Tumescent anesthesia is used for this process. It involves an injection of a dilute lidocaine and epinephrine mixture into the area to be treated so that it is numb and bleeds less. Small incisions with tumescent liposuction will heal quickly, and the patient can return to work soon. The use of tumescent anesthesia makes the procedure safer and speeds up the recovery.

MACS-Lift – A Less Invasive Alternative to Traditional Facelift

Although MACS-Lift is not a minimally invasive procedure, but compared to traditional facelift plastic surgery, it is less invasive. MACS-Lift is popularly known as Short Scar Facelift or S-Lift. It’s a simplified facelift procedure that costs less, involves less cutting and heals quicker. MACS-Lift involves making an incision, which is hidden in the contour of the front of the ear and the tuft of hair in front of the ear. No further incision into the scalp or behind the ears is involved.

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