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Why do our patients love to visit California Skin & Laser Center? We'll let them tell you!

- K.C. (Stockton, CA), MedLite C6 for acne: "My face feels so much smoother and it's not as red." [Nov. 2008]

"Very pleasant, helpful and attentive. Thanks."
- A Patient

"Fantastic! I LOVE Vivian and Leslie! Fraxel is expensive, but they make it well worth it! Thanks so much! P.S. I live in Grass Valley, and it's worth coming all the way."
- M.R.

"I'm very impressed with Dr. Bock – very knowledgeable and professional"
- A Patient

"Everyone was very nice and kind, and didn't act as if I were silly to do this."
- A Patient

"I have been coming here for 6 years. Your staff and service is wonderful. I recommend your services to others."
- P.C.

"Very relaxing atmosphere and everyone is always very nice and helpful."
- A Patient

"I have referred others, without reservation, to Dr. Gerald Bock. His skill and ongoing care are excellent."
- B.K.

"Very pleasant, helpful and attentive. Thanks."
- A Patient

"Wow, that is awesome! I have to say you get an A+++."
- LH, Stockton 4/13/13 after Dysport and Juvederm filling of frown lines

"I come here because you do a good job and I've been coming for so long."
- DJ Stockton, after Sculptra 5/21/13

"I had a student think I was 28 years old today so I'm very happy! I've been carded. My husband was gone when I did this and when he came home he was like wow! I'm very happy with the filler results. I especially love the filler. It's worth every penny."
- EC 5/31 after Restylane and Dysport

"I'm very happy. My wife is happy. My daughter thinks I look great. This worked out well."
- RL 5/31 after Blu U plus Levulan

"Dear Dr. Bock,
Thank you for letting me give an input to your new website. I think I must be one of your most satisfied patients!

You must excuse me for not remembering the exact name of each procedure; it was the results and not the name that I was concerned with! I've had laser removal of red capillaries on my face, laser removal of sun damage spots on my face, hands and legs, microdermabrasion, a facelift, removal of varicose veins and last but not least BOTOX® therapy to that nasty frown line between my eyes. In each case, you explained the procedure, recovery period and the expected outcome thoroughly. There were never any surprises, except that I was much happier with the results than I expected. Especially the above mentioned line between my eyes. The BOTOX® brought an unexpected result to my marriage! It took away a frown line that I didn't know was there. My husband now looks at me and smiles because I look happy all the time! There is peace in our home! I no longer have to explain that I'm NOT frowning, NOTHING is wrong, I'm FINE, no I am NOT frowning, oh go away, you're bugging me! That is an unexpected outcome, and I couldn't be happier!

Thank you Dr. Bock, for your expertise, your attention to detail, and your ability to listen to your patients. I don't know what the next procedure will be, since I am getting to the age when I can use every weapon in your arsenal, but you can be sure that I will be back for more."
- A.R.

"My sister was so impressed with your work that she drives all the way from Santa Cruz to be treated by you. You know there are a lot of dermatologists between here and Santa Cruz."
- A Patient

"I have confidence that I will get something I need, that you're not just trying to sell me something. You're always on the cutting edge, always up to date with current procedures. Dr. Bock always gives the injections. I have confidence in him because of his experience and knowledge.

I put all my confidence in Dr. Bock to make me look my best."
- JA 6/20

"I come to you because of your skill and personal style, besides the fact that I'm in love with you guys. I like it that you share what you learn. I like it when you tell me I don't need something I want and I like flaunting you to my sister in Florida."
- RB 6/24

"I come to see you because you're great to work with and your staff is wonderful. I'm always pleased with the results. I thought the Restylane you did in March…the results were incredible."
- BF 6/17/2013

"I come here (California Skin & Laser Center) because it makes me feel good. It's a nice experience. Everyone is nice. I'm the kind of person who won't go if I don't have a nice experience, even if it makes me more beautiful."
- SS 6/12/2013

"I trust you ever since you took all of that stuff (filler improperly placed by another physician) out of my face. There was a sale on Radiesse, but I still come here. My face looks healthy and doesn't look sunken in. My face doesn't look like a gym rat."

- From BF, who drives over 1 hour to get to our office 6/26/2013
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Dr. Gerald Bock
Reviewed by P. C.
“I have been coming here for 6 years. Your staff and service is wonderful. I recommend your services to others.”

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