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A Quick Reference Guide to Treatments at California Skin & Laser Center

What You Don't Like What You Can Do About It
Brown spots on your hands and arms, making you look much older than you are KTP laser; Sciton BroadBand Light System and the right topical products
Lip lines that make your lipstick travel Juvéderm injections, Sciton Laser resurfacing
Hollowness underneath your eyes that make you look exhausted even if you are not Injectable under-eye fillers
Dark circles under your eyes Injectable under-eye fillers and new eye creams in our skin care boutique, melasma treatment
Thin little lips with no border Injections of filler products
Lots of brown spots on your face, chest, and hands Injectable under-eye fillers and new eye creams in our skin care boutique, melasma treatment
Dull, uneven skin tone that makes you use a lot of makeup every day The right skin care products, microdermabrasion, or laser treatments
Unwanted hair Laser hair removal
Jowls Chin liposuction, fillers for pre-jowl sulcus, TriPollar skin rejuvenation, MACS-Lift
Multiple problems in the eye area TriPollar skin rejuvenation, Sciton resurfacing
Facial skin that seems to be heading downward MACS-Lift, TriPollar skin rejuvenation, facial volume restoration
Little veins on the face KTP laser, Sciton laser
Red areas on the face Sciton BroadBand Light System
Lines between your brows making you look mad BOTOX® or Dysport™, fillers
Lines on your forehead that make you look worried BOTOX® or Dysport™, fillers
Crinkles extending out from your eyes when you smile BOTOX® or Dysport™, fillers
Folds and lines on the face that seem to get deeper every year Fillers and facial volume restoration, MACS-Lift, TriPollar treatment
Loose neck skin MACS-Lift, TriPollar treatment
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